Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rocky Point, Mexico - Fall break 2009

We were so excited for Fall Break this year! We headed back to Rocky Point, our favorite family paradise in Mexico. This year was extra special and fun because the Boise Buhrleys flew into Phoenix and joined us -- making for a fabulous trip! We all had so much fun -- my kids were in heaven hanging out with their cousins. The water was warm, the weather was lovely and the company was even better!! I think having them come with us just might have to be a new addition to the tradition-- what do you say guys? :) Of course we took tons of pictures -- These are some of my favs... Enjoy!!

Oh and if you want even more... you can click on the little photo of Luke, at the bottom of this post, which will link you to my shutterfly site and check out the entire album of favorites.
Dad O. - this is for you ;)

The End
(and a very cute one at that)

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Jolyn Buhrley said...

I think adding the B.Buhrleys to the Rocky Point traditiong sounds like a GREAT idea! Hopefully this will be the motivation for my kids to show us missing school for Mexico doesn't hurt there grades!:)
We had such a great time. It was every bit as beautiful and relaxing as you had described-only more so. We felt so lucky to be there with you. We can't thank you enough for all the prep you did before hand to make it so RELAXING
for all of us! You completely spoiled us and it did not go unnoticed or unappreciated!!! I think this would also be a fun place for a Buhrley reunion!

I love your pics and want to learn all your tricks! I got on shutterfly and it only let me see the first page!? I kept trying different ways but it wouldn't pull the others up? I'm not sure if this is happening to anyone else or if I was just doing something goofy.


kristen said...

Ok, we soooo missed out on this one!! Chris and I just looked at these pictures and I'm NOT missing out next year!!! Wow! Amazing pictures as always, and you look stunning!! I haven't clicked on the little Luke yet to see them all, but that's next. I miss you and love our phone calls! Love you!!