Saturday, January 30, 2010

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas!
I love the excitement and anticipation of
Christmas morning.

My cuties always gather on my bed and wait for the rest of the gang to wake up and come in.
I insist on a few Christmas morning pictures and they are usually quite cooperative to speed through my rituals and get down stairs to see if Santa came. :)

Luke with his most favorite blue silky.
I love this shot of Ash coming down the stairs on Christmas morning.
She likes to do things her way and this picture exemplifies it.
She has such a sweet, fun, energetic, and spunky personality :)

Santa did come!
And these kiddos must have been very good!

Luke loved these orange tic tacs in his stocking as well as anything he received for Christmas :) Who knew?

Josh made many of his gifts again this year in wood shop.
This is the stool he made for Luke - cool huh? Oh, and the orange tic tacs :)

This was so much fun! We surprised the kids with a big stack of boxes that had little "clue"
presents in each one leading to the big surprise present...

I love Luke's face in this one!
Bon Voyage! 26 days and counting - Until we leave for our family Disney cruise!

A Very Merry Christmas - indeed!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cookies for Santa

Dear Santa,
We hope that you enjoyed the sugar cookies
this year. The kids had so much fun making them.
They really licked - I mean liked (well...take your pick)
each and every cookie that they set out for you.

The Buhrleys

Ashley sprinkled the lawn with oats and glitter for the reindeer and decided it would be a
good idea to preform Jingle Bells out front just in case Santa was listening :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Christmas Home

T'was the night before Christmas
When all through the house... :)

Oh I LOVE a decorated Christmas home!
I am missing it now as we packed it all up last week and now everything feels so naked!
I wouldn't mind having Christmas up all year long!
Jolyn, these pics are for you since I packed it up before your visit :)

This little Christmas village is Luke's favorite. He loves to run the train around and
around it and rearrange the people all day long.

We love to choose a new ornament for our tree whenever we go on a trip.
It is really fun to unwrap them each year and reflect on all of the fun memories we have made over the years.

This year: We bought this glass bell in Valletta, Malta. A small island in the Mediterranean, south of Italy.

This was from a wonderful week long visit to Disney World over Spring Break with Grandma & Grandpa Osborne.

Gotta love a mistletoe - one more excuse to steal a kiss!
With all of the construction going on in our home last year, we were not able to even put up a tree until
the week of Christmas. ( I tried to make up for this by leaving it up almost until Valentine's :)
I promised Ashley that THIS year she could have her very own tree in the playroom.

Isn't this a fun advent calendar? My sis-in-law Pepper gave this to us when we visited them at Thanksgiving.
It had candy in each space that we ate each day and replaced with these cute little ornaments as we
counted down the days until Christmas. I love the vintage Coca-Cola crate! Way cool!