Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Photo Shoot

I attended an intense, all-day, photography workshop a couple of weeks ago. It was something I had been longing to do for quite a while. It was inspiring, rekindling the artist/designer in me. It was taught by Nicole Hill Gerulat, an amazingly talented photographer. Check this out for lots of beautiful eye candy and see what I mean. I was very grateful for my degree in Design (which included a couple of photography classes, a few :) years ago) because the pace was a little mind boggling and at least I knew well the principles of design. If I had to learn composition, the rule of thirds, juxtaposition... AND the ins and outs of metering, F-stop, shutter speed, ISO, white balance... I think I might have been completely overwhelmed.

So... this is my first little shoot -- all manual! I have lots and lots of practicing to do and tons more to learn, but here are some sweet pics of my very favorite subjects.