Monday, November 23, 2009

The Trophy

Ashley was sooooo excited to receive her very first trophy at the end of the season soccer party !
(I remember Josh's first season of soccer when he would ask me after every game when he would get a trophy. It was ALL about the trophy:) Ash was so cute and proud. She had the kindest, most patient coach in the whole wide world! Seriously. He sometimes even held the hand of this occasionally reluctant little player and ran around with her on the field. And... by the end of the season she was really getting the hang of the game. These are few shots from the last game. Trying out my new camera too :) (An early Christmas present!)


Lou said...

It's all about the trophy AND the snack for my kids!:) Did you use your 'connections' to make sure Ash was on a team with pink uniforms? I won't believe you if you say no.:)
just way to cute.

kristen said...

I love Ash!! Are you kidding me, who else looks that darling in their soccer uniform!! Love it!