Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween


Luke was a darling pirate and trick-or-treated in style in his very own pirate ship. He said "Arrrg mateys" and "Walk the plank" and practiced his "mean" pirate face. He was very excited about all his treats!

Ashley was a beautiful, sparkly Tinkerbell. Her wings lit up and her combination of spunk and sweetness made her a perfect "Tink". We were so happy she was well and could go. (She had the flu, and then a relapse, and then got an infection and was very sick for two weeks.)

Zac was an afro-hippie-dude :) Zac is hilarious and really enjoyed his get up. He also enjoyed a little bit of freedom and spent part of the evening trick-or-treating with his friends and met back up with us at the Engle's home for yummy scones.

Josh: We had Stake Conference this weekend and the visiting General Authority held a fireside for the youth on Halloween. I thought Josh might complain, but he didn't. He attended the fireside and even stayed after to shake Elder Arnold's hand. When he got back he put on a crazy wild outfit --I didn't get a picture :( -- and did a little trick-or-treating with some friends. Later that night several boys came over for pizza and a movie.


Jolyn Buhrley said...

Could they be ANY cuter??? These pictures are amazing! Beautiful is an understatement for your Tink, I wanted to kiss and squeeze your little priate-priceless pictures, and the ship?? Wow. Last but NOT least...I am laughing out loud at Zac- I love that kid. Wish I could have seen pics of Josh! I think your house is turning into the party house for your almost teen-agers!!:)

kristen said...

Oh my gosh!!! I want Luke...I think I need a boy around here, and he'll be just perfect! I could have a delightful snack on those yummy cheeks! What a stunning Tinkerbell! Oh the sparkles, and she IS the perfect amount of spunky and sweet. I miss you!! I love the "ship" and by the looks of the big pirate you went to the big ship too!! You always have the most amazing pictures. Love you!

JackieO said...

Oh I so wish we would have gotten together for Halloween - this was our best ever because the kids enjoyed it so much! I think Luke makes the best pirate, and what a lucky boy to hang out with Captain Jack Sparrow! Ashley, as always, is so beautiful!

Ashby said...

What cute trick-or-treaters! I am so in love with Ashley's hair. It's the perfect addition to her Tinkerbell costume! And Luke's pirate ship is awesome. What a creative idea! Thanks for adding me to the blog. I love it!

tiffany said...

I can't believe how beautiful your kids are. I love Tinkerbell's make-up. Glad she is fully recovered. I can't wait to see you-
Love Tiff