Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Highlights

This week has had it's bummers like cleaning throw up out of the carpet and the camera shop telling me that they can't figure out what is wrong with my camera and that I am going to have to send it directly to Canon. :( But the highs are always greater than the lows.

Some of the highlights of my week:

Monday: Dave surprising me by bringing me Costa Vida for lunch

Tuesday: Cleaning day = a clean house! ( I love and hate this day)

Wednesday: My holiday dress party = 4 beautiful new dresses for Ashley - free :)

Performing surgery on Dave's foot - complete with an injection and scalpel. I should have been a surgeon :) I have skills :) I removed a GIANT bougainvillea thorn that was completely embedded below the skin in his heel (just FYI: he would list this as a low point of his week)

Thursday: Having lunch with Chanda at Paradise Bakery

Visiting with Ashby at soccer practice

Julie bringing us pie and being a wonderful friend!

Friday: Getting to see my BYU roomie Jami and having her take our family pics this year.

Dinner at Joe's BBQ and seeing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Hale Theater.

Saturday: Soccer games, BYU victory, shopping at Costco all by myself, playing at the neighborhood Fall Shin-dig with my family, Julie bring us pie - AGAIN :)

Sunday: These pictures (below) of my babes, the bishop calling me to his office to give me a chocolate truffle ;) (I really love that guy) chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, reading with Ash, rocking Luke to sleep, and listening to Zac play me Christmas music.


kristen said...

You have stunning children...wouldn't expect anything less from you guys:) I miss you and reading this makes me miss you even more!! I hate bummer days, but wow, some amazing highlights!! Pie twice from a sweet gal, I love it! Ashes dress matches her eyes in this picture, WOW!!!!! I wish we were closer:( love you!

Jolyn Buhrley said...

You are such a fun writer!
I need to get your link onto my blog so I know when you update!! Reading this made me miss you even more darling girl! You do have a sweet Bishop,( watch out he may be trying to butter you up!)
How did you pictures turn out! I'm sure beautiful!!!
AND yes, you definitely have "skills"!!!!:):)Love this sweet picture of Ash.

Ashby said...

I am still totally impressed that you pulled that thorn out of Dave's foot! I really miss our Thursday afternoon chats during the girls soccer practice! They need to play together again.