Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Break in Mexico

We can never get enough of the beach, and for Fall Break this year we headed back to one of our very favorite places... Rocky Point, Mexico.

Seriously relaxing.
Seriously fun.
Seriously want to go back - Like... right now!

Luke wakes up every morning and tells me, "I want to go to the beach today."
I say, "Me too."
And then I ask him what he likes about the beach and the list always goes something like this:

swimming, sand, mangos, and ice cream
Sounds pretty perfect to me!

We really had a great time and I took about a million pictures, having fun experimenting with my new fancy schmancy lens Dave surprised me with for our anniversary this summer.

(Oh, and... after a year on the wait list I will finally begin the photography classes I have been so excited to take in January! Woohoo!)
Here is a peek at some of my fav's ... AND you can check out the slideshow if you want more.

(If you have any trouble with the link please let me know!)

Click here to view this video (6 min)


kristen said...

Oh it's so beautiful!!! I's a pretty perfect vacation for sure. Love all the beautiful pictures too! You don't need a photo class Wendy, you are an amazing photographer already! I wish we were still close by so we could have just bopped on over to the beach :) I can't believe it's just a 3 1/2 hour it's an all day drive for me to get to a beach :( I miss you guys and love seeing all the fabulous pictures!!

Sorry I missed you this time! I'll try you on Mon. :)

Joan said...

What a fun trip!! We will have to go with you to Rocky Point sometime. It always looks so beautiful there. The sunsets are gorgeous. Love, Mom and Dad B.

The Karrens said...

I'm so jealous of your fun trips! And I love Ashley's swimsuits...super cute! We really need to share shopping finds :) I can't wait to see your Halloween pics! By the way, your photography is getting so good!

Jolyn Buhrley said...

I'm not sure how your pictures can get any better!! Loved the slide show...loved,loved,loved. Can you come to Boise and take our Christmas photo? LOVE YOU.

p.s. you captured such cute facial expressions in your slideshow pic's!!!!!!!

Amber said...

You are so beautiful and SKINNY in your photos Wend! I love looking at your Rocky Point pictures but it just makes me want to go back too!! :)