Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween - 2010

We had a great Halloween! Since Halloween was on Sunday, our ward had a super fun Chili Cook-Off/Trunk-or-Treat on Saturday. The youth helped run the games inside, like a cake walk, bean bag toss, bowling, golf... which is where my big boys were most of the evening. The weather was perfect and we had such a wonderful time.

Ashley Grace: The Butterfly

Luke: Buzz Lightyear

(this costume used to be Zac's)

To Infinity....
And Beyond!!!

The Round-Up Gang

Zac did an awesome job carving his pumpkin all by himself!


amber buhrley said...

Your kids costumes look very cute! I love Ashleys butterfly! I am growing to love the Halloween season more. I guess I need to come to terms with the fact that my daughters birthday is on that day so I need to make it extra fun!

Amber said...

So Luke pretty much is the cutest thing ever...I love his facial expressions in some of those pictures!! And I love Ash's makeup for her butterfly costume. Did you do it?

kristen said...

Wow!! Ash is the FANCIEST butterfly I've ever seen. So darling! She is seriously the cutest thing ever...and Buzz?? Are you kidding me?? He is so dang cute I could eat him up! Wendy, it looks like a fabulous Halloween for sure. We were missing Gilbert this Halloween so much. It was way too cold for us, and not a single house here put up a Pirate ship! Can you believe it!?

I love all the pictures!! Miss you like crazy!

Jolyn Buhrley said...

oh. my. Beautiful butterfly, love all the glitter! :) Can Buzz please just buz on over here? PLEASE!!!????!!!??? Love the "Z" on the pumpkin!

tiffany said...

Fun! Supercute babies! Where are your big boys? Did they dress up? I need to get my Halloween pics out. Love your blog- loved Awesome Zac, too!