Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday around here...

Dave conducted sacrament meeting and bore his testimony.
I survived sacrament meeting (you know, 4 kids by myself)
I led music time with the nurseries and I'm in love with the kids and this calling.
I did a little impromptu photo shoot with my little ones. (see below)
I made chocolate chip pancakes.
Zac played the piano and filled our home with Christmas.
Josh collected Fast offerings.
Dave and I spoke at Priesthood Preview.
Zac had Priesthood Preview.
Dave practiced piano with Ashley.
I snuggled Luke until he fell asleep.
I started reading Ashley "Charlotte's Web".
Today was a good day.


Jolyn Buhrley said...

Isn't it great when we actually see the simple days for what they are...GREAT!! Way to go! Especially for YOU on a Sunday, that is not an easy task going solo for most of it!! Ashley looks so old in these pictues. Love their outfits together. cute,cute,cute. XOXOXOXO

amber buhrley said...

Oh my goodness! Those are some dang cute kids. I love their smiles! I am jealous of your sunday. Its been a while since I have had a nice, relaxing, enjoyable sunday.