Thursday, September 23, 2010

Temple Square and Great Grandparents

Utah/Idaho Summer Get-Away
Part 2:
This is where it all began! 17 years ago!!! Holy Cow - that sounds like a long time :) I couldn't possibly be old enough to have been married 17 years. Oh, that's right. I was just a baby. ;)

I love to visit temple square. It is soooo beautiful and holds so many special memories for me. Not only were we married here, but this is also where Dave proposed, very romantically, I might add.
Inside the visitors center they have a new scale model of the temple. It is amazing. You can see all of the different rooms inside just as they are. There is also a monitor where you can highlight the different rooms and it tells what these rooms are used for. I loved it and learned a lot too. I loved showing it to my children. What a genius idea to teach people about the temple and the work that we do there. I also love that it helps people understand that the temple is sacred -- not secret.

The Assembly Building

The Tabernacle

Grandpa McEntire
Mom B. and Grandma Atwood
Grandma Atwood especially loves Ashley! She is amazing and inspiring. In her 90's, she keeps a schedule that would tire most people and drives herself everywhere too!
Grandma Buhrley's health has declined over the past year. She had to be moved from her home to an assisted living center. She still has her spunk and delightful wit, only now her short term memory is not serving her well. She has broken her wrist and had pnuemonia recently and on a few occasions we thought we might lose her. But, she has rallied and we were so happy that we got to visit with her again.

These tender-sweet pictures of my boys just melt my heart.


amber buhrley said...

I am sitting here with Porter looking at these photos with tears in my eyes. They ARE so tender and sweet. I am so glad you posted them all! It was so nice to explain the photos to porter and how we will see them on our drive in 2 days. What neat neat photos you have for your kids (esp your older boys) to always remember!

Jolyn Buhrley said...

Ditto to Amber!!! These are priceless pictures. If you ever have a moment of doubt as to how sweet your boys are...just look at these photos again! these are beautiful.