Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girl's Camp

If you called me this summer and didn't get me, or left a message that I didn't return... so sorry. Really I am. My life kind of goes into a holding pattern for a few months and I eat, drink and sleep -- no, cancel that on the sleep, -- Girl's Camp!

I love Girl's Camp. I have such sweet memories of Girl's Camp growing up.
It is where I felt strength in numbers
where I watched and learned from amazing YW leaders that I hoped to be like someday
where my sis and I swam tandem in a race and totally kicked bootie
where our tents nearly floated away in the Alabama summer rain storms
where I met my first boyfriend who was later my first kiss
where I felt the Spirit so strong
where I gained a testimony for myself that the gospel is true.

So here I am... surrounded by some amazing women that I am blessed to call my friends.
Note: I had ONE shower for the week! Gross, I know, but true.
In the background you can see some of our set up for camp. Our ward value was Choice and Accountability, which as you can see, is orange. Not a color I was thrilled about getting -- in fact I begged a little to trade, but had no takers. Well, over time... I sort of fell in love with orange - sort of.
Made this flag. Love these beautiful girls!
Sewed lots and lots of orange and white polka dotted pendants. (excuse the garbage bags)
2nd year 5 mile hike

A throw back to the 80's ... Cyndie Lauper eat your heart out :)
These girls make it all worth it!
They gave paper plate awards and these were ours :)

Hooray for Bishop night! I love it when I get to see the bishop ;)
And I love it when he does the Tutti-Ta Dance!
Skit night! My girls were awesome!
"Girls Just Gotta Stay Strong" to the music of "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun"

:) :)


pepper said...

Met your first boyfriend/kiss at Girls Camp... How does that happen?

Jolyn Buhrley said...

Ya...I'm with Pepper, just how did that happen Sister Buhrley?

Soooo glad you mentioned in your email to dad you posted! So fun catching up on your blog. You made orange, look amazing!!!!! Your camp, even cuter then I had imagined. Your flag!! It turned out...perfect! Keep posting, I miss your sweet family. Wish we were going to RP with you, sooooo sad. :( Happy back to school! (ha,ha) Just MAYBE there wont be quite as many school projects at your house this year? One can hope...?? LOVE YOU!!!