Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just stay little

Oh man.
This little boy had me from hello.
He completely melts my heart.
I keep trying to talk him into staying little because I never want to forget that:

He wants me to "nuggle" (snuggle) him all. the. time.

He gives me spontaneous bear hugs and kisses.

He so emphatically says "I LIKE chocolate milk!" and everything else that he likes.

He wants to be everywhere that I am, and if he doesn't see me he calls: "Mom! Where are you?"

He pronounces his "k" sounds like a "t" so his name is "Lute" but if you repeat it that way it makes him really mad.

He loves everything trains, Yo Gabba, and Buzz Lightyear.

He wants me to feel his muscles during dinner because he is growing so strong.

He loves chocolate as much as me.

He is so full of contagious JOY!

He loves to dance around in his undies and even has some awesome b-boy moves.

He wants to race me every time we climb the stairs.

He loves the color blue -- like a LOT!

He loves pb&j sandwiches and wants them cut in the shape of a Christmas tree all year long.

I love this boy!


Joan said...

Luke, How did your hair grow so long sin the week since I was there? You are such a cutie!
Love, Grandma B.

Jolyn Buhrley said...

OH, my this is the sweetest post and boy ever.