Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hi there!
Yep. I am still here. And still planning to catch up with things here on my poor neglected blog :)

I thought you might like to see what I have been up to (besides the usual craziness of mothering 4 children, and being the bishop's wifey too ;)

I am finally taking the photography class that I waited a year on the wait list to get into!! It is a 12-week course and it is awesome! You can check it out here!

It is filling up every extra minute of my days, stealing from my zzzz's at night, and straining my brain in ways it has not strained in quite a while and I LOVE IT!!! Just so thrilled to venture of the auto mode and finally learn how to make this camera behave ;) Ha! I am still very much a work in progress but these are a few of my fav's, some because I am proud of the technical skills I am developing, and others that I liked just because I do :)

XOXO -- Wendy


amber buhrley said...

I was so excited to click on your blog and see that you posted! I was just about to email you and check to see if everything was ok. I miss hearing about your life. Glad you are enjoying the photography class and the pictures look great.

Jolyn Buhrley said...

wow!!! beautiful pictures and amazing that you have found the time to do it, and do it so well!!! WAY TO GO!! We need to get on the schedule for you to do our family picture this ummer/fall...I have a feeling you are going to be in high demand.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Lou said...

Hi Wendy,

WOW! Beautiful pictures (Beautiful Grandchildren!)
Hope you can spare some time to teach me a few things about the camera.

Love You!
Dad & Mom B

pepper said...

So glad that you are taking that class. I love your comment about stretching your brain. I sometimes miss that, and I sometimes am afraid of ever trying anything that would stretch my brain again... Good for you. Excited to see you in a couple weeks.

Ashby said...

Your pictures are beautiful Wendy! Life is so crazy busy these days, I miss being able to sit and visit with you!

The Karrens said...

Your photography is getting amazing!!! I can't wait to see your catch up posts :) I just added Allie's American Girl Fashion Show party...and Easter. And I am still behind :) So, get posting...I love seeing your cute fam and amazing pictures!