Saturday, January 30, 2010

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas!
I love the excitement and anticipation of
Christmas morning.

My cuties always gather on my bed and wait for the rest of the gang to wake up and come in.
I insist on a few Christmas morning pictures and they are usually quite cooperative to speed through my rituals and get down stairs to see if Santa came. :)

Luke with his most favorite blue silky.
I love this shot of Ash coming down the stairs on Christmas morning.
She likes to do things her way and this picture exemplifies it.
She has such a sweet, fun, energetic, and spunky personality :)

Santa did come!
And these kiddos must have been very good!

Luke loved these orange tic tacs in his stocking as well as anything he received for Christmas :) Who knew?

Josh made many of his gifts again this year in wood shop.
This is the stool he made for Luke - cool huh? Oh, and the orange tic tacs :)

This was so much fun! We surprised the kids with a big stack of boxes that had little "clue"
presents in each one leading to the big surprise present...

I love Luke's face in this one!
Bon Voyage! 26 days and counting - Until we leave for our family Disney cruise!

A Very Merry Christmas - indeed!

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Ashby said...

Cute Christmas pictures! I love all your kids' pajamas. And I'm so excited for your Disney Cruise. That'll be so much fun!