Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break
Woohoo! I love Spring Break! So nice to have my kids home and enjoy a break from the crazy, busy schedule that we run around here. This year, we decided to take a trip to Cali' to take the kids to Disneyland for a few days and spend some time with Mike (Dave's brother) and Pepper and their cute family. We were most excited to meet our newest little niece, Tess!

Oh my goodness, isn't she darling?
You could go swimming in those gorgeous baby blues :)

We all fell crazy in love with her and could hardly put her down. She is the happiest, sweetest little thing. We wanted to bring her home with us, you know, to help even out the boy-to-girl ratio around here, but too bad for us, because Pepper said no.
This little girl was especially enamored with her. She carried her around like a baby doll and loved on her every minute. :)
And I don't think Tess minded one single bit.

Ash had a little competition at times to get her hands on Tess :)
Check out the cute birthday banner that Pepper and the kids made for Dave's birthday! He loved it!

So here is a little slide show to sum up our fun time at Disney.
Click on the "HD" if you want to see it larger and have the best picture.

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Jolyn Buhrley said...

Oh Wendy this was so much fun to see!! The pictures of Tess melted me! Looks like you had a fantastic sring break! (we have ours next week.) Your kids look older.:( July isn't soon enough! We miss and love you! beautiful pics!!! XOXOXO