Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ashley's Surgery

So thankful for...
A good doctor who corrected her reflux on BOTH sides.
The wonderful staff who took good care of us both during her hospital stay.
The many prayers and kind thoughts from friends and family.
My mom and dad for holding down the fort and coming to the hospital with presents :)
My sweet sisters who brought and sent the most perfect, thoughtful gifts.
My darling friends who brought our family dinners and made me feel so loved.
Dave for being my rock and best friend.
Priesthood blessings.

Oh I love this sweet girl!
Before surgery they let her pick a new beanie baby from this big bucket... Ash was tickled pink over this little blue jay. He even got to go with her into surgery.

This is in recovery - right after coming out of a 3 hour surgery. She even managed to give some little smiles :) And as you can she, she is still thrilled about her blue jay.

After about a 4 hour wait they finally had a room ready for her. The hospital was particularly busy and we were happy to settle into a room.

Ashley slept and watched movies. Sometime in the wee-hours of the morning she became very unhappy about having a catheter and it was a very loooooong night waiting for the doctor to come in and give the o.k. to get that thing out.

She was such a trooper through it all, I was amazed at how well she handled everything.

Once the catheter came out the next morning, there was a list of requirements that Ashley had to complete before she would be permitted to go home such as: drinking anything and holding it down (which proved to be the hardest task until they put anti-nasea medication into her IV), walking to the bathroom, etc.

really, really wanted to go home and spent much of the next day working on her task list even though it was very hard.

By that night she had made tremendous progress and they decided that she could go home!

So thankful...
Ashley's surgery is behind us and she is happy and healthy and well!
I love her so much!

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Ashby said...

I'm so glad everything went well for her surgery! Reading this I realized that it has been forever since I've talked to you! Life gets so busy! I hope you guys are doing well! Miss you!