Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'

My little sis Amber got married! She has dreamed of this day more than any girl ever has, and boy, was it ever a joyful and beautiful occasion. Her photographer snapped away at my house while the all girls got ready and continued shooting throughout the day. These are some of my favorites:

Miss Chloe getting dressed.
I like that you can see the little pink sponge rollers laying on my bed :)

Cutie-pie Cole. I am crazy over this sweet boy.
When I visited him last, he would dress up in his fanciest dress clothes each day so that
I could gush and tell him how handsome he was. Melts my heart right into a puddle.

Ash and Brooklyn getting everything just right.

I think Ash was a little bored waiting around for the big event.
Chloe had recently given herself a lovely new haircut that included some little "sprigs" (if you are up on your Junie B. Jones) of bangs in the front. Those little sprigs required a little extra twisting and pinning to secure them into place :)
Oh... this was one of the most heart-touching moments of the day for me. My sweet little Zac came to the rescue when the sound system was proving to be more complex than anticipated. He volunteered to play for the wedding as people were being seating and waiting for it to begin. He pulled several songs from his repertoire and practiced and practiced all. day. long. He did a really beautiful job and played for a least 30 minutes as the bride was running a bit late ;) I am so thankful for the talent this awesome boy was blessed with and so proud of his diligence and hard work he puts into developing it.

Beautiful bride.
Wowie! I was taking my bridesmaid responsibilities VERY seriously :)

Oh and just a note: Jackie and I stayed up all. night. long. the night before the wedding making these silk flower necklaces for all the bridesmaids.They deserve a closer look:
And... there you have it!
These cousins have to be the cutest little flower girls -- EVER!
Ash was pretty excited to be a flower girl!
I loved their red glitter shoes.

My dad and Amber. This picture makes me a little teary.
The bridal bouquet was seriously gorgeous. I think the prettiest I have ever seen.
Oh, and have I introduced Rafa?
Yes, he is the groom, the man of the hour, kinda important.
He is a cutie. He is Mexican and he adds a fun flavor to our family.
I love how he loves Amber and how he is the perfect balance for her. We sure love him.

Oh, one more thing about this pic... see that hot bishop in the background?
He is the guy that married these two, and he did a mighty fine job.

Kevin and his little doll-baby, Brooklyn.
Loved this pic of my cute Grandma and Grandpa Jensen with the bride and groom.
Oh how I love them.
The Osborne family welcomes the newest addition!
Thought this pic was darling.
The wedding partyAuntie Amber and her little flower girls

I love this beautiful shot and this beautiful girl.

My Ashley Grace with a little sun in her eyes.

Sisters and cousins.
Oh, hello... that would be me - caught in a silly moment. (remember no sleep the night before)
Amber and her girls.
The girls and Rafa.
Me and my baby girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Campos

I really love how happy they are in this picture.
These little girls were in love with all this pretty candy.

Me, my girl, and my honey.
All tired out.


Amber said...

I love that you posted these! They got me a little bit teary eyed remembering the day! I love being married! :) and I never could have gotten through that day without you Wendy!! Love you!!!

amber buhrley said...

Wow! Looks beautiful and amazing! So happy for Amber and your family. And....You look awesome!

tiffany said...

AI love these pics

The Karrens said...

Tell Amber she looks gorgeous...and congratulations! And Ashley makes quite the beautiful flower girl (not to mention her cute brothers and parents :) My girls keep bugging my brothers to get married so they can be flower girls...at least they have their priorities straight :) Hey are you going to be in Utah over Christmas...and I need your address for Christmas cards...are you on facebook?