Monday, May 9, 2011


(Part 1)We had a wonderful Easter. The best part was having my sister Tiffany and her 2 little cuties here to share it with us!
There were decorations and picnics, Easter egg hunts, the Easter pageant, pretty new dresses and handsome duds, Sunday service, a delicious dinner complete with the essentials: honey ham, au gratin potatoes, and deviled eggs of course. The Easter bunny delivered.
We reflected on how very grateful we are for our Savior, Jesus Christ.
It was perfect.

More pictures to come :)

PS- Yes, I have 2 more handsome boys. They did not cooperate and that's all I am going to say about that.


amber buhrley said...

so Sweet! Love seeing their outfits. Your sis and her children are beautiful!

kristen said...

I so understand the lack of all 4 children!! They just don't always cooperate for sure!! I love all the pictures of the little ones though, and Tiff's kids are gorgeous!! Wow these are so beautiful!! Ash's dress is so pretty, and she looks like an angel in it :) I didn't even recognize Tiff...has it been that long!? Keep the posts coming, I love it!
love you!!

tiffany said...

It looks like Ashley was cooperating- you'd never know from your awesome pics. I have them streaming as a slideshow on my work Ipad. Looking for the next installment tonight:(( Hurry and update soon. :))) Love ya

Terri said...

Wendy, do you know what gets me every time I see your pictures? How awesomely you capture eye color! The one with Tiffany and her beauties, you can clearly see they all have different eye color and it just pops. And your little cutie - she has the most beautiful colors in her eyes. Are you using some after effects in your editing?