Thursday, October 7, 2010

Idaho Falls

Summer Get-Away
Part 4

We spent a wonderful week and a half at Mom and Dad Buhrley's in Idaho falls. Summer is really lovely there with lots of beautiful greens and crisp, cool evenings. I love taking pictures outside and think they looks so idyllic... the garden, the flowing irrigation canal, the giant weeping willow that beckons the children with her plentiful climbing branches and swing...

The boys helped Grandpa sort and grade Anatomy tests so that final grades could be submitted.

Josh and Zac attended a super fun stake youth water activity with Grandpa B. They had a blast!

When your grandpa is an Anatomy Professor, going to school is always an adventure with lots of cool things to see!

The Idaho Falls Temple

The highlight for me of my summer is getting to attend BYUI Education week with Mom B. Thanks to Dad B. for so sweetly taking care of my little ones, we have made this a little tradition three years running. I absolutely LOVE it and always feel so recharged and motivated to be the best woman, mother, and wife I can be. I love the time with Mom too and am so thankful for all that I have learned.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mother-in-law! I love her so much!

Lou brought Jolyn and the kids over from Boise to play with us for a whole week! It was heaven for both the cousins and me too! We had so much fun together.
Ashley Grace and Grace Rose
These girlies are just too CUTE together!

My children LOVE working... well...picking fruit and veggies from Grandpa's garden.

Mitch and Zac
Lou & Jolyn
Mac, Mandi, Mitch, Justin, and Grace

Justin and Luke
Lou and (gorgeous) Jolyn

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for s'mores over the firepit.

Josh, Mac, and Mandi

***Photo credits for this post also go to Dad B. -- I borrowed a few of his :) Thank you! Love you!


Joan said...

It was so fun to look at the pictures of our darling grandchildren and relive that fun summer visit. (start making plans for next summers visit). :)
We love you, Mom and Dad B.

amber buhrley said...

Wow! What great photos. I almost felt like I was there! Sounds like a great time and hopefully we can tag along next year...and the years to come!