Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Aboard The Polar Express

Destination: The North Pole

We go to the Polar Express every year, another of our favorite holiday traditions!

Yes, we have many traditions and I love it! I think it is traditions the bind families together. Traditions cement happy memories, celebrate family time, and remind us to have joy in the journey. Nothing makes me happier than when we have just done something really fun together and one of my children says: "This should be a new tradition!" :) And so... the list keeps growing :)

It was perfect that our Polar Express Trip up to Williams, AZ was planned the day after Luke's Birthday celebration because it felt like: "Luke's Train Birthday Party: Day 2" :) And who doesn't want a birthday party that last two days?

(Mine usually falls over Fall Break and our Rocky Point trip so I try my best to celebrate for a whole week, like: "It's my birthday week, I think I should visit the spa for a massage - since it's my birthday and all" ;) (that's a wink)

It was also perfect that Tiff and Jason were visiting us with their little cuties (Cole and Chloe) and went up to the Polar Express with us!

We had a great time...
yummy dinner,
fun train ride,
hot chocolate & chocolate chip cookies,
silver bells,
Christmas carols,
swimming pool and hot tub,
and playing in the snow :)


The Karrens said...

They are so cute in all of their white and red. And you are looking stylin' as usual. We went to the Polar Express a couple of years ago in Heber, UT. We didn't want to make it a family tradition. The train was old an creepy. The electricity in our car was on the fritz, and the lights flickered at best and the heat didn't work. It wasn't quite the festive experience we had hoped. So, I am glad your Polar Express was more true to the movie :)

amber buhrley said...

Glad to see all these posts! So fun! You are a cute mom to do so much for your kids. you inspire me!

Jolyn Buhrley said...

I have always loved your pictures of this fun tradition. I think Zac may be breaking through his 'crazy face' picture stage! You have some really cute pics of him in these posts. (better not tell him that...he my try and prove me wrong!) SO glad you got that cute red hat..it looks so super cute on you. love you.

Ashby said...

I've heard so much about the Polar Express! We have friends from Winslow that go to it every year and they love it! What a fun night!