Monday, January 11, 2010

Lily's Blessing Day

Oh! I love her.
This was such a sweet day.
It was fun being Lily's photographer on this special day too :)
These are some of my fav's...

The Schultz and Buhrley Bunch
I also fell in love with this little cutie! I wanted to take her home with me.
I thought she would be the perfect little thing to help balance out the boys in our home.
But Pepper said "no". Darn it!

This picture is one of my very favorites. It cracks me up! Not just Nels's face but Liesel's even more!
See what I mean - this little girl can hold her own in a house of boys :)

Um. Yeah. My kids are looking less than thrilled and I really wanted a picture with everyone coordinating since
Dave is never home on Sundays (bishop duties). But this is as good as it got. Not so good.
Oh well.

My sweet angel.

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tiffany said...

Your pictures are amazing- AMAZING!!!