Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Love the Smell of New Crayons...

"Back to school" came a little too quickly for me this year. The start of school left me wishing for a few more weeks of Summer, for a few more unstructured days without homework, wishing to sleep in, wishing to spend all day playing in the pool with my children... I don't know how the Summer break passed so quickly. Thankfully the warm AZ sunshine will keep it feeling like summer a little longer. Thankfully cool backpacks, fresh crayons, and the anticipation of new friends and teachers make this time of year so exciting! Ok... Bring it on. We are ready!
This school year also brought some big changes for us. Zac is attending a new school this year to participate in a new self-contained gifted program with amazing teachers. Ashley is starting half-day Kindergarten and will attend at Zac's new school.

Josh: 7th Grade - Check out the new braces!

Zac: 5th Grade

Ashley: Kindergarten

Luke: Keeps me company all day :) Packed his little backpack because he wanted to go to school too.

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